THE MOUNTAIN PONY // Baisha, China // 2016

Within the cool mountain region of Baisha, in China's Yunnan province, the Naxi ethnic minority use mountain ponies to transport their fruit and vegetables up and down the steep, winding hills.

"I've come to learn, you are either a horse person or you're not. I personally love horses. It might have something to do with my childhood memories of the 80's movie 'The Black Stallion'. Anyway, the horse I photographed here isn't your average horse. It is actually a pony unique to the Lijiang area. It was bred for strength and endurance due to its work in high altitudes." - Leigh

– This image is part of our Limited Collection, a series of five images that will rotate monthly and limited to a print run of just five prints
– Printed on high-quality 250gsm smooth matte paper
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